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Home Road Movies 

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End of Restriction     

Watch End of Restriction on the Animate! Projects website          

British Animation:
The Channel Four Factor 

Clare Kitson's book is a unique and fascinating overview of one of the most dynamic production periods in animation history, the book includes an illustrated chapter on the making of Home Road Movies.          


Dead Air Scheduled 2012, 16mins
Arts Foundation
People come and people go - but the world keeps turning.
Arriving on a small island off the coast of Britain, DJ Pete is a causing a stir with his fresh and irreverent radio show. Whilst Laura, 18, welcomes the outsider with open arms, the rest of the island are a little more

The story unfolds through the interplay of the beautifully animated landscapes and Pete’s radio phone-ins. And like the island’s collapsing cliffs and shifting sands, we discover that communities are always evolving and no one is immune to change.    

Press Return 2004, 1min,      

It's the unspoken rule in the world of technology; sex innovates.

Home Road Movies 2001, 12mins
A Finetake Production for Channel 4 in association with the Arts Council of England

The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desperately wanted the family car to make him a better parent.

The film is based upon the family folklore and memories of his children. After his death they realise that their first and only family car, once a luxurious chariot to endless holidays in paradise, had gradually become a painful vehicle of his affection.

Their dad's struggle to be a loving parent had turned into a battle against rust.

For more images visit the film's website

End of Restriction 1994, 5mins, 1:1.33, BetaSP, 16mm
An Animate! film for the Arts Council of England and Channel Four

End of Restriction enters into the suffocating world of a teenage boy growing up in an English village. It follows his bicycle journey through the stagnant scenery of his sleepy community where the only excitement is the daily non-stop express train that heads to London.

The black-and-white film mixes still photography and illustrations with animated 3d computer modelling.

Watch End of Restriction on the Animate! Projects Website

The Sleeper 1992, 4mins, 1:1.33, Hi-band U-matic
Coventry University

A Second World War prisoner slips in and out of consciousness, unsure of what are his dreams and what is reality. Produced on an early Mac using animated photomontages, line drawings and primative 3d of modelling.


"delightful and disturbing"  John Wyver, Illuminations

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